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Stride Fitness Solutions is the go to company for gym equipment maintenance and repair services in Springfield, Missouri. Our technicians are certified to work on your equipment, and we have been in the fitness repair industry for over ten years. We originally started out doing in home treadmill repair in the Kansas City, MO area. We found that the fitness repair industry doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to quality service. There may be a guy here and there who knows how to fix a treadmill but as far as a company that focuses on high value, professionalism in their service, well there’s not a lot of those companies out there. So we started building our business with that vision in mind, professionalism.

As we grew throughout the years we realized more and more the need for our services and the value that we can bring to our customers. We started to expand into the new and used fitness equipment sales, and we became experts on all of the new fitness equipment technology that was hitting the market. Our customers put trust in us to negotiate large transactions for them when it came time to upgrade their fitness equipment in their gym. Gym equipment for residential and commercial customers became our main focus for quite a few years.

Time went on, and as we grew into a reputable company in the fitness industry and opened up our location in Springfield, Missouri, a new business model and vision started to emerge. A large part of the industry was moving to online sales and building more of a presence online seemed like a good opportunity for us to provide more diverse fitness solutions to our customers. So we launched an online exercise equipment store that will allow us to have a presence in the industry nationwide. We have shipped strength circuits to gyms in California, we have installed cardio equipment in doctor’s offices as far north as Iowa and we have acquired inventory of used gym equipment from vendor’s in Florida that we sell on our website.

The fitness equipment service aspect of our business is what keeps us out in the market meeting new people. And the more people we meet who are interested in improving the quality of their life through exercise and fitness, the more we are driven and motivated to provide even more diverse fitness solutions. This inspiration to help ourselves and others improve the quality of their exercise, their recovery and their overall quality of life, incentivized us to start doing research in the health and wellness product sector of the fitness industry. Through years of research and mentorship we connected with some high value people. We were introduced to many different companies involved in natural health and wellness. As we learned about each company and their products and the quality of their ingredients, we would partner with them and add their products to our own product line. This has materialized into Stride Fitness Solutions being the most advantageous and practical natural health and wellness company in our market. We love anything that can help ourselves and everyone else become unlimited versions of themselves. Our bodies are beautiful adventure machines that must stay in tune just like fitness equipment. So we feel fulfilled as a true health and wellness sales and service company. Where we provide real Fitness Solutions to our communities.

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