MuscleD Fitness – New Plate Loaded Line

MuscleD Fitness is starting to drop some really awesome products. We are always looking for unique companies and brands that really put a focus on developing and engineering products with the end user in mind. This company is really taking things to the next level in regards to strength equipment. They have a huge product line with so many options for foundational and practical weight training. This new line called the MuscleD Fitness Elite Leverage Plate Loaded Line is packed with really cool machines like the Booty Shaper and the Hip Thruster!

That’s just a few of the machines that we think really stand out on this line. Their design is really similar to the old Hammer Strength plate loaded lines and they just have the feel and range of motion plate loaded equipment is supposed to have. We can’t commend MuscleD Fitness enough on this product line!

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